CEO, Principles & MD’s, CFO & Finance Managers, CIO & IT, COO, Operation & Project Managers to Traffic, Creative & Client Services to Account & Commercial Teams will all benefit using this clever agency software.

Companies using WorkBook have improved their performance, allowing their teams to collaborate better and have increased their bottom line after implementing WorkBook.

WorkBook have clients based and located all over the world with more than 400 businesses in 42 countries using the system extensively.

WorkBook will help your teams of 30 users or more with:

·         Project Management & Job Costing
·         Resource Planning & Much Better Resource Utilisation
·         Real-Time Revenue Forecasting & WIP Reporting
·         Time Sheets & Expenses
·         Files & Documents Management
·         Customers Portal & Online Collaboration
·         Customer & Employee Profitability
·         Finance & Accounting
·         Web-based hosting in the cloud or on-premise

WorkBook Software is a leading ERP software company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with global offices in APAC & The Americas. WorkBook strives to provides the best user experience possible. A fully integrated software suite, partnered along with the software we offer business consultant services, that are scoped to fit your budget and team’s requirements and are part of the implementation process.