Work Doctor® consulting began in 1985 while Dr. Gary Namie, a social psychologist, was a university management professor. Prior to 1997, projects ranged from government program evaluation to executive strategic planning to statistical process control to team building. In addition, both he and Dr. Ruth Namie have directed internal corporate management development departments.

Work Doctor®, Inc. knows organizations from the inside and recognizes the shortcomings of various approaches. Bullying is leadership's problem and can only be solved by executives willing to step up.

Their evidence-based, comprehensive workplace intervention is known as the Work Doctor® Blueprint. Informed by The Workplace Bullying Institute's empirical studies, as well as the work of leading occupational health and organizational behavior researchers, the Blueprint has offered clients effective and sustainable solutions for workplace bullying since 1997.

Work Doctor® offers organizations an unrivaled, profound knowledge of all aspects of bullying, coupled with a background in clinical and organizational psychology. The Work Doctor® Blueprint is the ONLY comprehensive approach to workplace bullying daring to call it what it is -- not incivility or poor communication -- so that it can be attacked effectively.