Workep is a project management platform that utilizes all of the Google Apps to make your work life easier, more organized and efficient. Organize your documents, contacts, and calendar with Workep and do more each day!

Description of the Platform

Tasks are the heart of the Workep platform. Each task can be fully customized to help you get anything accomplished. Name a new section and add tasks that will keep you on track. Each task can then be assigned to a single person or a group and a start and end date can be set. Each task can have a Google Doc, Slides or Sheet associated with it. Also, you can add subtasks that show a graph of your progress and comments to discuss it.

This is where all your tasks come to life and are presented in a different way. With the Workfeed view, it is easy to see what each member of your team is doing, or will do, in the next few days across all projects.

The Search function is where you can find exactly what you are looking for extremely quickly. The search bar can find documents, files, projects, emails and more. Don’t remember who’s in charge of the sales presentation in NYC? Just type in “presentation” and you’ll know who’s doing it along with any relevant documents.

Gantt Chart:
The Gantt diagram in Workep is a great place to get a general idea of how the project progresses. The Gantt chart allows you to plan and schedule tasks over a given period. With its color-based design, it allows you to monitor and control the progress of the stages of a project, its duration, and anticipate any conflicts.

Google Hangouts:
Hangouts integration in Workep brings your team together no matter where you are. By just clicking on someone’s name or a group of people in the hangouts menu, you are immediately put on a face-to-face call with your team.

Google Drive:
Workep and Google Drive work as one, every time you create a project, Workep creates a folder in your Google Drive to keep all the files synchronized and centralized. Additionally, Workep allows you to attach your Drive files to individual tasks.

Google Calendar:
Just like in Drive, Workep creates a Calendar by project in your Google Calendar. All project tasks are automatically synchronized in it so nobody will forget what to do and when to have it ready.