Work It Dance and Fitness, LLC.

What is Work It Dance and Fitness?
Work It Dance and Fitness is a growing dance and fitness studio established in August 2010. Located in trendy South Norwalk, we provide the community with a comfortable, friendly environment in which to learn various forms of fitness. Work It Dance and Fitness currently provides group fitness classes, private dance instruction, and private classes/parties. Work It is always looking for new and exciting dance and fitness techniques that attract people within Fairfield County, as well as people from the tri-state area. Our instructors have studied and performed a variety of dance and fitness styles including pole dancing, bellydancing, cardio dance including Fusion Dance Fitness and Salsa,Power Hour, and Tone and Tighten strength class.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide unique dance and fitness classes to the men and women in our community, making exercise something to look forward to again. We will strive to enrich their minds, body, and souls, raise their self-esteem, and make them feel highly motivated on a daily basis, all while having fun.

The Owners:

Michelle Abbruzzese: Michelle has been a performer all of her life, from her first recital at age 3, to performing in front of millions as a New England Patriot Cheerleader at Superbowl XXXVI. She has studied a variety of dance styles ranging from ballet, tap, and jazz in her younger years, to funk-jazz, cheer-dance, and pole dancing in her later years. In total, Michelle has performed for 10 professional sports teams ranging from NFL, WNFL, AHL, AFL, AFL 2, CBA, and USBL.

Even cancer couldn't slow Michelle down. On May 1st 2005, she was diagnosed with stage-2 breast cancer. Determined to keep a positive attitude, Michelle had the tumor removed, sought out therapy, and continued to perform and a dancer for the New York Dragons (AFL) without ever missing a practice or a game. That year, Michelle was chosen by her teammates to represent them at the 2005 Arena Bowl in Las Vegas, NV.

Michelle wasn't only a professional dancer. Michelle has spent many successful years in the corporate world. It is her combined love of dance and her business knowledge that led to the natural progression of wanting her own studio. After 8 years of teaching a variety of dance styles, Michelle is ready to offer the local community a dance and fitness studio like no other in the area. Disgusted by the egos of other studios and the impersonal treatment of the larger gyms, she wanted to open a place where both men and women could come and feel like family. Together with her husband Tony, they have created "A Unique Fitness Experience."

Michelle is a member of the Pole Fitness Association. Click here to view her profile.

Tony Abbruzzese: Tony has been involved with automotive management for over 15 years. Motivating his associates has been his inspiration for several years. He has always envisioned owning his own business and serving the public with a unique experience.

In 1997, Tony took on a new part-time venture with DJ Rocco Productions. DJ Rocco spotted him dancing up a storm at one of Tony's friend's weddings. At the end of the night, DJ Rocco approached Tony and asked him to join his company as a Dance Motivator. Tony happily accepted the offer. Tony's passion for dancing and having fun was being executed on a weekly basis by performing at weddings, parties, and Bar Mitzvahs. Little did he know, it would be through being a Dance Motivator that Tony would meet his wife.

Wanting to work with the local community, Tony obtained his Connecticut Real Estate license. After being approached by his wife Michelle to find a trendy area to perform dance and fitness classes, he excitedly accepted the challenge. After several phone calls and months of searching, Tony found the perfect spot.

What Tony lacks in formal dance training, he makes up with in his skills for managing a business, and his passion for having fun on the dance floor. Don't be surprised if you see Tony cutting a rug in one of the local bars in the area!