Work Place Studios is a supplier of custom home offices and storage sheds. Our home offices come in three standard sizes 12’ x 10’, 12’ x 16’ and 12’ x 24’. All of our home offices are energy efficient and include Tech Shield OSB plywood, 20/30 year shingles, Lo-E double pane windows, R-13 wall and ceiling insulation, and an exterior steel man door with heavy duty lock and key set. the flooring are durable laminate or ceramic tile.

The greatest thing about owning a Work Place Studio is we build around your needs. We stray away from cookie cutter home offices but provide an array of options from storage sheds,  multiple flooring options, lighting fixtures, specific office layout, and even interior or exterior paint.

Work Place Studios is located centrally east of Houston, TX. Our Design Team blend elements of traditional and modern designs in our Home Offices. We design around your needs and implement your goals in creating an office that best suites you. Home offices are made of solid construction materials that can weather hurricane storms, we add termite shields on each post for preventive insect infestation, Lo E residential windows and treated sub and exterior lumber.

Work Place Studios are used for extra space at your residence as a home gym, play room, art studio, classroom, and guest room. Interior is outfitted with wall and ceiling insulation, 110 volt outlets/light switches, textured sheet rock, and trim. The end result is a ready to move in office built to your specifications.

Our buildings are constructed in 7 days and built from the ground up. Call us today to schedule a consultation so we can start building your dream office.

5 Step Approach
1. A simple CAD drawing of your design is done. We keep it simple by offering our own designs as a base ( 12' x 12', 12 'x 16', and 12' x 24')
2. A site check and measurement of your backyard is done to see where the studio will be built.
3. Your designed is placed on design sheet showing placement of light fixtures and outlets.
4. Dirt is laid evenly on site to allow the building to settle correctly.
5. Construction of the office exterior and interior normally take 7-10 business days.