WorkSocial is a leader in the shared office space industry. But we are more than a co-working space for entrepreneurs. WorkSocial supplies its members with comfortable state-of-the-art conference rooms, well-stocked kitchens and most importantly, the belief that their business matters.

When we established WorkSocial, our mission was simple: we wanted to be more than a run-of-the-mill co-working space. We wanted to become a movement that was driven by the fundamental spirit of entrepreneurship.

Connect. Create. Grow

Since our launch in 2015, WorkSocial has created a space that successfully stimulates the intellectual and financial growth of business owners. When you decide to become a member of WorkSocial, you’ll have access to:
An office space that is available 24 hours per day in a safe and secure building.
Various co-working spaces that will meet your business’ distinct needs.
A thoughtful staff that sees the bigger picture for its clients.

Daily wellness activities such as yoga and massage therapy.
Networking events that allow entrepreneurs to connect with others and grow their businesses.

Business resources such as angel investment opportunities.
WorkSocial was founded by seasoned entrepreneur Natasha Mohan. As a minority-owned and operated business, we believe that anyone can achieve the American Dream—it’s all about using your creativity and identifying an opportunity. And our team at WorkSocial can help you achieve your goals. Afterall, we've worked at some of the largest corporate companies in the United States while also understanding the needs of entrepreneurs.
Located in the heart of Jesery City, NJ, Worksocial boasts amazing views of the New York City skyline, for a fraction of the cost.

If you're are a techpreneur who has created the next best program and you need a conference room for sales presentation or you’re a freelance who has outgrown the kitchen table, WorkSocial has a space just right for you.