Jules Birch is the founder and driving force behind Works with Water Nutraceuticals, the UK's first company to develop a range of soluble and ready to eat food supplements containing ingredients which are clinically proven to have a direct impact on skin health, specifically acne vulgaris and ageing skin.

The term nutraceuticals is relatively new and defines products that contain targeted ingredients considered to provide specific medicinal and health benefits

Jules founded the company whilst researching nutritional ingredients and after being introduced to global ingredients specials NIG Europe.  NIG's global expertise and reach enables Works with Water to develop nutritional products that are approved for use throughout Europe, Asia and the USA.

Works with Water only formulate with functional ingredients that have solid, human-trialed science to support specific health claims.

The key ingredient levels used in the final formulations ensure that the consumer can easily receive the RDA (recommended daily allowance) to achieve the specific health benefits as dosages are aligned against clinical trial data.

Jules is committed to developing products in which the consumer can have complete confidence in their proven effectiveness.  Products in development include benefits for satiety, improved cognitive function, improved immunity and active health nutrition.