For the past 15 years, WorkTech has established a proven record of helping organizations reduce their costs and increase their efficiency with flexible time and attendance software.

A Proven Background
Established in 1993, WorkTech began with a consulting practice centered on MRO Software's Maximo® computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). The company found opportunities to increase the value of customers' Maximo investment with add-on products, including time and attendance management. That focus results in a set of extremely flexible software products that address the complex needs of maintenance departments that are easily tailored to meet the needs of every user in the organization.

Who We Help
We work with companies that have high-value workers who do ad-hoc work, such as utilities and petrochemical companies. We also work with facilities and maintenance organizations to meet their time management needs.

Quality Tools For Time Management Solutions
One of our uniquely flexible products, WorkTech Time Suite, helps organizations masters complex time keeping situations that result in significant cost savings. Integration with payroll, accounting, ERP, CMMS, Asset Management, HRMS, and other enterprise systems ensures that time information is entered once and fed to all the systems that need it. The end result is reduced costs, process improvement, and overall organizational effectiveness.