Who we are:

We believe in serving you our customers with the best prices for Workwear and with a customer service that is unmatched. We are smart, honest and always put our customer first - Workwear and Sports.

As one of the leading suppliers of workwear in the UK we stock a massive inventory of products with £13 million of stock that can be with you the next day. We offer an online system for your orders and returns that keep you informed every step of the way.

With a client list from FTSE 100 Companies, Universities, Education Authorities, Councils, Small Business and Individuals. We are happy to supply anyone with quality workwear. All our clients receive a first class service, no matter how large or small their requirements.

Why we do it:

Our customers deserve the best service, they need to feel that they are getting the best quality workwear in the UK. We want our customers to have the same level of satisfaction after their purchase is complete.
We have looked around and seen how other workwear and uniform companies  work and deal with their customers, and to be frank we have not been impressed.  Either with their prices or customer service. We have created our business from the ground up to serve you better.
We make our clients happy, many times we get clients who are disgruntled with their current workwear suppliers and are surprised by our fresh honest approach.
We keep our promises, we are upfront about our stock levels and let you know exactly how many items we have in stock at any one time. We let you know the carriage costs from the outset so there are no hidden surprises at the checkout. We know that in these tough times value is important and we are confident that all our items are competitively priced
We are changing the face of how workwear is sold in the UK. We think it is time for the industry to raise its game and follow our lead.
Our Mission:

At Workwear and Sports we want to look after our customers. Source the best workwear from names likes Dickies, Mascot, Snickers and have it with you the next day.

We are based online from the outset, with our systems built from the ground up to serve you better.

We keep you notified every step of the way, we value your opinion so feel free to give us your feedback.

How we got here:

We started out as a technology company that believed in using technology for improving the customer experience, rather than using technology just for the sake of it. We helped many long standing bricks and mortar businesses get their systems online. From building up their web presence, to managing their whole IT Infrastructure.

As we were looking to diversify into online selling ourselves, we looked for an industry into which we could provide a valuable contribution, one where we could improve the customer experience. Make them feel at ease when ordering from us by using the most secure systems and streamlined processes to serve them. We saw that the workwear industry needed a shakeup it was far too cluttered with old companies that had started out as one man embroiderers providing a shoddy service. Which was when Workwear and Sports was created with our mission statement “you order, we deliver”

Workwear and Sports.