In the fast-growing world of digital media, video still stands out as the most effective means of communication - especially now that distribution online can reach global audiences as never before.

Video can now play a key role in the communications strategies of companies, governments and large organisations, delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time - and achieving measurable business results.

World Television is a leader in strategic video communications. We are producers of award-winning programmes, webcasting specialists and experts in delivering video online.

Our unique combination of production and distribution services enables us to manage the whole video communications chain - so from consultation and production, through to packaging, managing, distributing and reporting, World Television is your one-stop video communications specialist.

For over 18 years, we have been providing strategic video solutions in investor relations, internal communications, public relations and sales and marketing.
Based in London, with offices in Frankfurt, Geneva, Madrid, Stockholm and Zurich, we offer local knowledge and global delivery services to companies, governments, NGOs and charities

For financial results, AGMs, PR and internal communications, live or on-demand webcasting is one of the fastest, most cost-effective and engaging ways to communicate.

Webcasting is more secure and easier to update than hard copy formats. It allows you to reach new and wider audiences in a way that isn’t possible with traditional face-to-face methods.

StreamStudio is our proprietary webcast platform. It offers you complete customisation of the template, and gives access to cutting-edge technology and enhanced user benefits like RSS and iTunes feed functionality, synchronised slides, question manager, keyword search, subtitling, voting and a statistics package so you can easily measure effectiveness.

Every week, our webcasting teams around Europe produce and deliver webcasts for top listed companies.

Get your messages to people on the move. As part of an on-demand webcast or stream, the viewer can download and subscribe via RSS to an audio, enhanced audio with synchronised graphics or video version of your presentation or programme.

We have a proven track record as producers of high quality, creative, award-winning film and video for both internal and external audiences.
We believe that three things set us apart from the competition

* Strategic approach: We work with clients all over the world to integrate video into their broader communications mix.
* In-house capability: We have the people, the experience and the facilities to handle every stage of the production process, from script to screen.
* Online expertise: We are experts in distributing video via company intranets and websites.

The content we produce ranges from virals, pieces-to-camera and interviews with senior executives, to corporate documentaries shot on location all over the world, studio-based programmes, drama and high-impact brand films.

Increase your brand’s visibility and maximise coverage of your product launches, financial announcements, initiatives and events with our multilingual media relations team.

We have the expertise and capability to make your campaign count by ensuring your press releases are broadcast-friendly, shooting video, producing B-Roll, A-Roll and Video News Releases, and placing content with broadcasters and online journalists around the world.

Using our own online Video360 platform, we help clients like Coca-Cola, Nokia, the New Zealand Government and the European Space Agency to harness the power of traditional and new multimedia PR tools.

We will deliver your message to the audiences that matter, monitor the results, and compile reports of all feedback into one comprehensive document.