Welcome to The World Cannabis Club, New York's first dispensary and social club.  The WCC is an international exchange of cannabis, camaraderie, compassion, and information about the wellness benefits of cannabis.

What the WCC does for its members goes far and beyond any.  In all markets, the best quality product is always the most sought after.  That is why countless hours are spent finding and selecting the best medicine to make them available to club members.  Offered are flowers, cannabis in the form of concentrates, e-juice, topicals and edibles.  Schedule a consultation to receive the best recommended package for your cannabis needs.  Capacity exists to supply any upcoming social or business gathering on your calendar.   Available gift bags with odor proof containers maximize stealth when detection is not an option, while providing the perfect touch to any event.  If you're planning a cannabis friendly wedding ceremony within New York City, the WCC can provide a licensed Wedding Officiant to satisfy your cannabis-related ceremonial needs.  

We believe cannabis is not only a moment in time, but a way of life.  The beneficial properties of this plant are countless and many still unrealized.  We offer this service in the form of delivery, knowing that one day the laws will change to accommodate the decriminalized stance towards cannabis by allowing for cannabis cafes and social vaping clubs to exist and operate as legitimate businesses adding to the vibrant culture that is New York City.  All in all, New York City is the New Amsterdam.