World FX IQ is a 'foreign currency trading' training company that provides technical training concepts to new and slightly experienced currency traders, in one of the fastest growing investment opportunities of the decade.

World FX IQ has made it their mission to take the mystery out of trading currency for the beginner, and to be a safe place where new traders can learn the basics, open  a FREE demo account with a broker, and to learn in a live on-line training room with experienced traders prior to risking real dollars. “All of us at World FX IQ are excited to share the financial rewards currency trading can bring. But we also remember the pain of learning to trade, and the enormous risks one can incur when not properly trained” states Diane Holmstrom, CEO of World FX IQ, Inc. “What the 4 principals at World FX IQ have in common is slugging through piles of currency trading information that didn’t help any one of us become more successful. In addition, we have been lucky not to fall prey to the get rich quick with our software for trading schemes that exist all over the web! We wanted to create a safe place for the beginner.”