Mario Ridgley Jr, is the First Kid President of The KidStar.org Radio Network a 501c3 Children's Charitable Organization. He is a 15 yr old A-B Honor Community & Environmental Ac-tivist. After winning The Florida State Science Fair; He start-ed The Imagine School at Town Center's Recycling Program "Recycling with a Twist" which includes Sustainable Goal Certificates and Yearly Pizza Parties. He was offered host of a weekly Kids Internet Talk Radio show called "The Mario Jr Alive and Green Show" on the VoiceAmericakids.com Channel. Mario Jr was selected to be on a three day Kids Talk panel at the Disney's Kid, Youth & Parent Power Conference, speak-ing to Top Companies like Lego, Hershey, Blockdot, MTV, First Toddle and more on what kids Want, Think and Feel about Tween Marketing. He then decided traveling to schools, clubs, organizations and businesses to share his journey and to learn from others, would be the Bridge that could bring Kids and Adult views to forefront.

Mario Jr's Mission - to reach every child with his message! "Kids have to power to make Permanent, Positive, Cultural Change in their communities by implementing Acts of Kindness and simple Go Green applications and this program only works when it goes hand in hand with a Strong Educational Foundation". This program has the ability to Change, Em-power and Truly Engage Students.

Mario Jr's Impact -  Mario Jr is honored and excited to use his love for broadcasting and niche for sustainability to connect communities through sharing his journey and Stands Strong on the Fact that Being Smart is Cool! Mario Jr is breaking new grounds in learning, giving students Skills both in Communication and Self Confidence.

Mario Jr is Helping to SHRINK our Planet's CARBON FOOTPRINT through a median that is both Fun and Educational, Broadcasting and You can Help by requesting him to be an Alternative Learning speaker in your school, club, organiza-tion and business. In a 40 minute Seminar Mario Jr will share his Life Changing story and record a Broadcast with stu-dent volunteers that will air on his show on KidStar.

If you would like to Support Youth Empowerment and have Mario Jr's Alternative Learning program please contact Team Eco Jr. at 386-864-9505.