Worldleaders helps organizations acquire top sales talent, trains existing sales talent to improve and maximize their skills, and trains and educates all levels of a business in better understanding and implementing the most effective, profitable and statistically supported sales processes known to contemporary research today.  

Worldleaders Inc. provides training classes at its facilities in Upstate New York, as well as full on-site implementations for clients.  Visit www.SmartSalesInstitute.com to learn more.  Worldleaders Sales' leadership team, led by CEO and celebrated business speaker Joe Morone, are the authors of "The Smart Sales Method: A CEO's Guide to Improving Sales Results for B2B Technology Sales Teams" -- now available at Amazon.com.

    What Is Smart Sales?

Business-to business technology sales have gotten much more difficult and challenging in the past five years. To meet that challenge, Worldleaders Sales Solutions have developed a powerful new approach called Smart Sales aimed at significantly improving the sales process and driving increased sales. That approach is rooted in decades of study and a vast wealth of accumulated data from objective third-party sources on effective sales techniques and sales success.

The Smart Sales approach consists of both a method — a description of the corporate processes needed to enable a business to lay out the concise step-by-step activities needed to generate more, and more profitable, sales. It also includes training in concrete Smart Sales skills — the most effective ways for sales persons to prospect, present, close, and penetrate major accounts. The Smart Sales approach is based on thousands of studies examining theactual behavior, supportive beliefs and tested performance of the top 6% of winning sales performers.

    Course Offerings:

There are 4 advanced courses required to compete successfully in business-to-business sales. The Worldleaders Smart Sales Institute offers these courses weekly in a monthly rotation.

These courses are designed for developing competencies in the sales force to drive increased revenues for their respective companies.

    Smart Selling Skills for Advanced B2B

To learn and immediately apply the most advanced B2B selling skills for sales success in 2016 and beyond, this class is for people that perform in an outside sales, inbound sales, sales management, sales support, or marketing or customer service role.

Through research and practical experience, we know that selling has changed. It has become much more difficult to prospect, get appointments with prospects, get them to make timely decisions, close the sale with multiple buyers including procurement and many more situations that require the sales person to understand how to succeed in today’s marketplace.

Team selling has proven very effective which is why we encourage our clients to send their sales engineers and customer service personnel too.

It is a tremendously helpful foundational course for these types of attendees. All students will receive a sales evaluation report identifying selling strengths and self-limiting weaknesses.

    Major Account Penetration (MAP)

We know the easiest sale is to a client that is already using your product or service. Even past clients could become targets of the MAP program. However many times we are unable to go deeper and wider into an account. This class provides training and a roadmap on how to expand the accounts.

It involves team selling, so we encourage the sales personnel, sales engineers, program managers and other customer facing personnel to be involved. ‘Everyone sells’ is the idea, but the sales person of record has to manage the process.

We’ll teach them how to identify, develop a MAP action plan and implement and manage the plan to success.

    Advanced Smart Prospecting Skills

Many sales people today have no clue how to use the tools that are at their fingertips. We lead them to learn the new methods of effective social media, networking, how to become involved in industry associations, create effective and more powerful newsletters, research their prospects and scrub their databases for potential leads.

It’s all about getting that first appointment. Our custom ‘5×1’ method has raised the success rate of first appointments by up to 50%.

    Smart Presentations and Closing

This is where many deals are lost. We lead the students through building an effective presentation using the elements of the fit assessment combined with the right affected stakeholders identified, to produce the right fit solution.

We teach a closing proposal which uses the relative value model to increase the deal closure rates by up to 70%.

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