WorldListPro safelist offers double optin and spam-free advertising for members wishing to send promotional offers to other registered members.

Paid members receive a monthly credit and solo bundle for as long as they remain members and abide by the terms and conditions.

Free members may earn credits from clicking the credits links inside each mail that other members send them through the latest PHP mailing system script. Credit purchases may also be made from within the membership area.

The site also offers banner and text ad advertising, and solo ad adverting whereby members' mails are sent to the contact email addresses of other members and not to their list email address. This increases click through and conversion rates and ultimately, profits.

WorldListPro offers monthly paid membership for three different levels. The highest level, Elite, receiving the most mailing credits and solo ad credits per month. Occasionally, lifetime memberships are on promotion, but still the best deals are shown on the One-Time-Offer pages immediately after a member signs up.

There is also an affiliate system where all members, including free, can earn commissions for referring other members and for their referrals' credit and solo purchases. Elite members qualify for 50 % commissions.

WorldListPro admin is always at hand to help members that require assistance in using the site and can be reached via the support link on the site.