World Math Congress is a gathering of mathematics lovers around the world. Anyone passionate about mathematics can participate here with their creative works. A professor from university math department to a school going student, a fiction writer or a photographer can join this gathering. This year WMC 2015 will take place during 1-2 October, 2015 in Bangladesh. WMC 2015 is focused on integrating mathematics to the daily life of mass people through creative ideas, apps, photographs and so on.

Anyone form 6th grade to University level can participate in World Math Congress 2015 via 6 categories. The Categories are -

THE MATHEMATICAL UNIVERSE (Photography Contest): Have a look at your surroundings in a new way and take a digital photograph (hi-res). Attach a title/tag line and submit it at WMC website. The entry/registration will go on from June 1 – June 30, 2015. From 7 July – 31 July online voting will go on for primary selected photos. And at 14 August Jury award and people’s choice award will be announced at the WMC website.

EXPERIENCING MATHEMATICS (Mathematics Exhibition): This Mathematics Exhibition is a dynamic, hands-on educational tool based on active learning methodology. Since 2005, the Mathematics exhibition has already been presented successfully in more than 90 cities of 32 different countries in Southern and West Africa, China and East Asia, Latin America, Russia and Western Europe. It has attracted approximately 1,200,000 visitors, of whom about 70% were under 18 and over 20,000 teachers. This program is a joint effort between UNESCO’s International Basic Sciences Programme (IBSP) and the French organization Centre Sciences.

MATHEMATICAL PAPER & POSTER: The Nomination Committee of WMC2015 seeks original papers from various fields of concrete and applied mathematics. Abstract submission will go on from June 1 – July 31, 2015. And at 14 August accepted papers will be announced at the WMC website.

Math Apps & Games Development Contest: If you think you are a code junkies and who are up to the challenge, who want to make the world easier for the mass people and who want to facilitate math education for students, you can submit your app here.

Story Writing Contest: You can write a fiction or a short story based on mathematical clues or mysteries. The fiction can be submitted in English or Bengali, roughly ranging to 100 to 3000 words.

MATH PROBLEMS: Create mathematical problems on your own. Make it hard for our experts. The most creative one will be recognized as the winner.

All the details about contests and registration is available here at World Math Congress website http://www.worldmathcongress.com.