World of Ether is a decentralized collectible dueling game that lives inside of a browser on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The game is centered around the collection, breeding, and fighting of monsters.

Each monster is stored inside of an Ethereum smart contract and referenced by our platform. Due to the game's decentralized nature, the developers will not be able to change the rules upon release of the full game. This means that the market sets the price of everything. The prices of monsters are up to supply and demand. Battle results also cannot be manipulated due to decentralization.

New breeds of monster can be discovered by users and when a user discovers a monster, that user is forever credited as being the discoverer of that monster.

World of Ether is founded by Alain Goldman, co-founder of the largest Ethereum meetup group in the world, and his brother, Stanley Goldman, who's a senior developer at GitHub.

The game is currently in its presale. It is selling monster eggs which users can hatch when the full game is released. Monster eggs and all other marketplace transactions are paid for in ETH.

In the World of Ether's first 48 hours of its presale, it sold nearly half a million dollars worth of these monster eggs.

World of Ether is translated into Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and French.

The full version of World of Ether will be released in Q1, 2018.