Drawing upon her wealth of knowledge in the field as well as her outstanding business acumen, Petra Webstein is a Web Designer and Owner of World Wide Webstein, through which she is involved in the creation and maintenance of websites for business owners and individuals who need a website for a variety of reasons. Her vast expertise in the industry as well as her experience with creating and designing the first electronic forms for European banks and governments helps her in creating high quality standard and business card websites for her clients.
Petra provides a down to earth approach for clients who are not familiar with the website creation process. Much effort is put into educating a client about the possibilities of their website in the initial meeting either in person or through Skype.
She providing a website platform (Content Management System) that is used world wide (EBay, Ikea, The High Court of Australia, The European Union and many more). This platform allows the creation of a simple website but is powerful enough to accommodate for any growth and situation a website owner can encounter as the online presence grows.