The Wormery Store is a family run business based in a small South Gloucestershire village.

Our business evolved as our family grew and the daily waste from uneaten sandwiches and unwanted meals began to mount up in our wheelie bin.

With the bin men only visiting twice a month the leftovers began to take over, and we realised that we needed to find an alternative method of disposal.
We decided that a wormery would meet all of our needs. We were now able to redirect both raw and cooked waste into the wormery as opposed to the wheelie bin. I was even able to empty my Hoover straight into it!

The more we used the wormery the more we learnt about the variety of waste that can go into it. It was then we realised that if it was meeting our needs then we were sure it could everybody's needs.

And so The Wormery Store began trading.

We have now been running our company successfully for about a year and half and are hoping to continue to grow our product range. We aim to maintain our commitment to personal contact with our customers and keep up the personal approach when dealing with your enquiries and purchases.

We are starting to work more closely with some councils and schools to help provide wormeries and home composting information to a wider section of the public and are receiving some great feedback.

We still like to keep focused on the basics though. We now have 5 wormeries composting in our garden to trial all the wormery products on the market. This way we can be sure that the products we promote really are the best and really do work!

Thanks to all those kids who use our house as a pit stop for refuelling! The sandwiches and biscuits they leave uneaten keep all the worms very busy!