WoW! Balloons, Inc specializes in crafting exactly the perfect design for each special event, be it a birthday party, a wedding, a bar/bat mitzvah or a trade show. This is why we have highly experienced designers instead of a mere catalog. We use innovative designs and techniques to do more with less, or create world-class works with slightly more.

We were founded in 1990, as an flower service for special events. Balloons where just an "addition" to our main operations. However, we very soon discovered the incredible adaptability, functionality, and relative cheapness of balloons, which was almost unutilized. We cloud decorate an event, especially large one, much better than we could of with flowers on the same budget  

Balloon decorations can be done in any style, from the very conservative to the radically contemporary. With balloons you can change the visual space, create focal points, make the room larger or smaller. You can create a sculpture or a huge display in fraction of time any other decoration would require and still stay on the budget. The list of benefits goes on and on.

Today, almost 20 years later, we are proud to say that we are a balloon decorating company. Our list of clients is far too large to display here, as we've traveled from Virginia Beach to Montreal, Canada. We now have offices in Boston, MA, New York, NY, Montreal,  QC, Burlington, ON, Albany, NY. Despite the countless number of jobs we've done, our best creations still await the right client.

An important thing to note is that we do NOT sell balloons. An architect, even though using a lot of bricks, creates a castle. We use a lot of balloons, but what we create is a "WOW!" for our clients.
As said above, we do not have a catalogue. Our designer meets the event coordinator (be it an IBM party or a small birthday) on site and they discuss possibilities until the client likes the idea.