Founded in 2015 by Dave Hilditch, former head of search technology at Skyscanner, the WPI mission is to make WordPress the fastest CMS on the planet.

Initially, Dave was working with affiliate marketers to bring their dreams of millions of products on super-speed WordPress sites to life. It became clear to Dave's company AWD (Affiliate Web Designers), after completing several large-scale projects, that solutions to solve WordPress performance issues were required and WPI was born.

WPI are the creators of Scalability Pro, Price Comparison Pro, Hullo Chat, Awesome Ajax Search, Jira WP Pro and much more plugins and services focused on helping WordPress site owners provide a lightning service to their customers.

With plugins that boost the performance of very large sites and everything in between, hourly performance optimisation services and the Rocket Stack server stack, which is the fastest and most complete server stack in existence, WPI really are the place to go if you are in the know about WordPress and web performance.