About Us
WP AcademyPro started its journey in 2016 with the vision in mind to educate and aware our young generation about the Digital Marketing. WP AcademyPro encourages people like you to Start Ups, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce Business. We are here to assist, inspire, motivate and engage young entrepreneur’s to start, run and sell a business

Who is behind the WP AcademyPro:

This is Jamil Ahmed. I have worked at Beacon Pharmaceuticals Limited in International Business for 3 years. At the same time, as a consultant, I helped Beacon Group along its all other companies to grow their business online.
I’m also helping a big group called Unix group to ensure their business presence online. At the same time, I’m creating strategy to ensure their International business and online presence and email marketing strategy.

Why we have started the project?

In our country there are so many people are educated but haven’t got enough opportunities due to overpopulation and huge competition. However, I have found out that almost 90% of educated people in Bangladesh could not present themselves in online for their insufficient knowledge about online marketing, content marketing and its related strat’egy.

If you have the knowledge of outsourcing, there are a lot of opportunities are waiting for you. The main problem is the lack of knowledge how to do a startup. WP AcademyPro is there for you to start your business.

Considering the above problems; we have started WP AcademyPro to solve the problems.  From WP AcademyPro you will get idea about Digital Marketing, Online business Start ups, WordPress learning, making a website, starting a blog. Also, you will all necessary tools that help you to grow your business. You can get proper guideline in step by step process how to start your business.
At WP AcademyPro you will get tons of free content as well as there are some specific paid course to start your business online.

Let us know how we can help you to start your business.