Single PR professional with awesome credentials.

I am uniquely qualified to get your press release about the infused olive oil noticed.

I have been writing successful articles and press releases for more than 25 years. I have generated stories in The New York Times, worldwide television feeds of a normal event and many internationally and nationally acclaimed newspapers and magazines. Editors notice the articles and press releases that I write.

Of course I cannot guarantee that every outlet will use every press release (NOTE: If another bidder says that they can get all their articles/press releases used, run, and run fast. No one can promise that!) I do know what editors look for in a great article or press release. For several years I was the person who screened all the article submissions and press releases for both a television station and a newspaper. To be noticed, the number one issue is to be creative to catch an editor's attention. Next, it is imperative that the article gives the editor ALL the information they need to make a great story. Thirdly, the press release needs to spell out exactly why the editor should do the story; it needs to outline the benefits to the audience.

I have a degree in journalism, am an American English native speaker and writer, and know what makes a real story. I worked in a major television newsroom selecting the stories that got on the air. I also received many accolades for the written copy that generated popular interest (making the station's rating go up to number one in the market area). I've received national media awards.

Many of my more recent samples are for a publishing company. I really can't think of anything more boring than to promote a book signing or a new kids book but these generated stories!

I charge $40 for each press release. I will meet any deadline that suits us both.

Warning some of my press release samples are creative!