Tapestry In Words exists to meet the written communication desires and needs of  the clients of Thomas Johns whose extensive experience in the field of written communication extends past twenty-five years.  Thomas Johns is Tapestry  In Words as his experience of writing threads of various pieces of written communication into a tapestry of poetry and prose has created a canvass of variety and color.  His work extends and includes ghost writing as well as original works. He has recently completed ghost writing a fictional novel spanning over 200 pages exploring the journey of lost love, spirituality, Native American mysticism and new opportunities for new paths in life and love.  He currently is working on an original work along with a suspense thriller taking place in Poland  WWII.  He has written speeches, grants, internet copywriting, educational manuals, updates for existing manuals, spiritual lessons, marketing copy and much, much more.  Tapestry in Words is Thomas Johns and he would love to add your work to his Tapestry.