WS13-Music officially launches in the Summer of 2014

With a starting library of over 10,000 exclusive and original tracks for all types of production usage, pre-registration has commenced for interested clients, selected agencies and composers. This process will be based upon approval and unfortunately not open to the general public until 1st July 2014.

We are a NEW music publishing library that licenses audio from our catalogue for use in TV, Film, Radio, Commercials and Gaming Trailers online.

We are accepting EXCLUSIVE SUBMISSIONS for ALL genres of music and styles, simply email your DOWNLOAD links or forward your mp3's for review to submissions@ws13music.co.uk . Please visit the Genre Guide to help indicate which musical style your music suits, we can then listen to them with the relevant team. Deadline date for all unsolicited submissions is MARCH 31ST 2014.

If you would like to sign up to the site to keep in touch with developments, please click the email link register@ws13music.co.uk with either your personal or company details and we'll be will be in touch shortly!

We are now actively recruiting, good luck!