The new face of Radio is changing the way you listen!

    WSCT Worldwide Radio is the most diverse and dedicated Internet Radio station in the world today. WSCT is the only internet radio station which actively follows the traditional format of a mainstream urban terrestrial (FM) radio station. In just over a year WSCT has established over 500,000 devoted listeners worldwide and have shown superiority in our commitment to serve our listeners by playing our own unique assortment of urban music.

     WSCT Worldwide Radio has worked diligently and enthusiastically in an effort to change the publics' perception of an industry that has been saturated and tainted by other internet stations that have been developed as hobbies. WSCT has seen the potential and the opportunities that the industry has to offer and is steadfast in taking their company to the next level by showing perseverance and staying committed to excellence and subsequently winning over all audiences.

   With WSCT's Small Business and Corporate sponsors WSCT will have the ability to further expand its marketing efforts as well as continue in its effort to produce quality broadcasting for all of its listeners