Stork Medical was founded by Dr. Jonathan Liss to provide safe stem cell storage with the nation’s finest processing and cryogenic storage laboratory.

We offer temperature controlled overnight cord blood transportation, that in most locations, is picked-up from the hospital room.
Our courier specializes in tissue transport and makes certain your baby’s cord blood is delivered in optimal condition.
The sample is never exposed to significant temperature variation, the most common cause of sample injury.
Electronic tracking assures perfect accountability.
Most samples are picked-up within two hours, regardless of the time of day or night.
Spectacular customer service .

Stork’s highly trained operators, salespersons, business staff, nurses and doctors are always at your service.
When you hire Stork, a highly trained client support expert is assigned to you. This specialist will contact you to see if you have any additional questions, remain available to you throughout your pregnancy, and follow-up with you to make certain all of your expectations have been met.
After the cord blood is collected, one simple telephone call is your only responsibility. The Stork team will then “spring into action”. You will be able to concentrate solely on your family.
No hidden charges.