WTC CF is a privately-owned business that organizes and orchestrates career fairs and activities solely to attract quality educator talent for the Charter education industry. Our clients are Charter School Leaders and Job Seekers who seek ways to gain visibility while distinguishing themselves from their traditional public district school counterparts. We seek to advocate and champion the Charter School cause – and their right to be recognized as an Employer of Choice among educators.  

We provide an exclusive, dedicated, ongoing venue/solution in which:
•     Charter school employers can promote their job vacancies without competition from long-served traditional public district schools.
•     Talented office staff, teachers, and school leaders can come to learn more about the industry and/or find an exclusive venue to submit interest in job opportunities.

WTC will target three types of educators:
•     Those who have the competencies necessary to work within charter schools, specifically inner city urban charter schools
•     Those who understand the mission of charter schools and who wish to be a part of the greater movement that offers parents an alternative choice
•     Those who may have an interest and the necessary competencies, but who may not have heard of charter schools as an option