WT Online Pet Supplies is a leader in traditional and new era pet products all with free shipping. All products made in the US. We have beds made from recycled plastic from three different companies. We also offer discounts for customers on our mailing list.

We all know pets are creatures of habit and love their routine. Some pets of course especially cats can be very curious and love the adventure of checking things out. WT Online Pet Supplies offers a huge selection of traditional and new era pet products. Three of our suppliers use recycled plastic bottles as their filling for their pet beds. One of them have now used over two million plastic bottles and the other two are hot on their heels. All these products are manufactured in the US and in human grade facilities. These beds are both practical and decorative and some even match up pet beds with couch covers and pillows. Another great idea is when the covers start to show signs of use you can buy a new cover instead of a new bed....they think of everything these days...we also have pet beds made from recycled wine barrels.
When you are driving your cat up the wall we have just the answer...an amazing line of wall mounted products which includes hammock, sisal towers, cat bridges, cat shelving and feeding stations.
Of course we have all the traditional products that have stood the test of time and will continue to do so. The new Era is here and a lot of pets would be very interested in them.
Are we the only company to sell these products?  absolutely not. However we do have a larger selection to choose from in a very organized easy on the eye website. On a finishing note Everything Ships For Free At WT.