We are a start-up looking to produce the first run of our invention: A water purity scanner we call the SpecShot. The SpecShot is a simple to use, hand-held device that is able to test water samples for contaminants. The USB-powered device instantly describes the chemicals present in the sample and uploads that information to wtrDrop, a user-generated map on the internet.

The SpecShot comprises fully open source hardware and software so that it encourages hacking and/or modding tech savvy individuals.

wtrDrop is the computational back bone of the SpecShot. It incorporates a fully accessible and user generated database of reference samples and field collected samples to keep an ever updating resource to those who are concerned about water purity in their communities.

The system engages anyone as it allows people to flag areas of concern so that others may collect and upload a sample in a nearby area. Contact info is collected fro users and if a dangerous chemical is detected in a sample in or in close proximity to their submission, they are notified.

Our aim is to provide a means to advocate for environmental stewardship as well as human safety in a world of ever increasing water pollution.