WORLD UNION OF SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES (WUSME) on application of WUSME, guided by Madam President, Barbara Terenzi, was officially granted Consultative Status with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) at the 48th session of the Industrial Development Board, which took place from November 23-25, 2020 at the Vienna International Center in Vienna, Austria. The consultative status is a token of acknowledgement of a formal cooperative relationship between UNIDO and WUSME. Receiving the status was a further milestone in the development of WUSME and also an essential step to the establishment of an exchange platform for global SMEs.

Consultative Status with UNIDO is viewed as an international appreciation for excellent and professionalism of WUSME with the granted status. Only a small number of NGOs have obtained that status in the past.

Under the wise leadership of WUSME's Founding President, Dr. Gian Franco Terenzi (+May 2020-RIP) and the Members of the Board of Directors, WUSME developed from 2010 to 2020 to one of the leading SMEs supporting Organizations in the world with WUSME Ambassadors/Ambassadresses in more than 100 Countries. In the year 2013 WUSME has been granted at the UN HQ in New York Special Consulative Status with United Nations ECOSOC - Economic and Social Council.

In the Note of the Director General UNIDO, H.E. Li Yong, to the IDB, the future role of WUSME in the relationship with UNIDO is defined as follows:

"Activities related to the work of UNIDO
With its network of 150 institutional representatives in 100 countries and
relationships with several SME organizations, WUSME represents small andmedium-sized enterprises operating worldwide in various sectors – such as agriculture, commerce, crafts and industry – interested in successful development, and in contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the United Nations climate goals. Through its website, newsletters and quarterly magazines, WUSME provides its members with information to help them take business decisions, in particular by offering key figures and facts about macroeconomic trends. WUSME monitors surveys and reports of the World Bank and discusses through its representatives how to remove existing obstacles to development, such as access to finance, access to electricity, enforcement of contracts and tackling corruption.
With its associated member organizations and representatives, WUSME could actively contribute to UNIDO’s SME policy in the following areas:
• Risk management guide for SMEs;
• Development of micro, small and medium enterprises;
• Credit guarantee schemes for SMEs;
• Helping SMEs achieve the SDGs, including climate neutrality.

WUSME aligns itself with UNIDO’s priorities with regards to circular economy, industry and crafts, sustainable energy, women and youth entrepreneurship. WUSME would also be ready to organize related side events at UNIDO events and conferences, and publish relevant UNIDO information via its media outlets.

We invite SMEs worldwide who seek technical and/or financial support for their innovative projects, e.g. recycling, waste to energy, reduction of CO2 emissions, saving energy, to submit us an Executive Summary by e-mail. Our services are for WUSME Members free of charge. Apply for membership under www.wusme.org

Representative responsible for liaison with UNIDO:
Mr. Norbert W. Knoll-Dornhoff, General Secretary
Address: Garas utca 22
1026 Budapest
Tel.: +361 315 10 59
Email: wus@europe.com or generalsecretary@wusme.org"

International Headquarters: Piazzale M. Giangi n. 2, 47890 San Marino Republic of San Marino, T: +378 0549 991277, F: +378 0549 901420