WUTZ HOOD Network is an urban organization founded by Tiffany Hood. Since its establishment in 2005, the multi-media company has specialized in creative project development - from design to radio broadcasting to digital television content, including business development, marketing seminars, and social media promotions. Our trademark is Uber Urban, taking a blend of street and corporate to produce content that people want to consume.

In 2008, WUTZ HOOD Network launched an ambitious new division called Wutz Hood Media, a multi-media agency focused on digital content creation and social media engagement starting with a two hour radio show called Hood Access Radio Show. With an official launch in July 2009, Hood Access Radio Show far exceeded expectations, earning the attention of record labels, industry executives, and independent music artists. WUTZ HOOD Media is owned by WUTZ HOOD Network and operates as one third of the company's brand group.

In 2010, WUTZ HOOD Network announced a hot new media product in WUTZ HOOD Radio, a twenty-four hour station that caters to large urban demographics and spins the hottest in independent Hip Hop/Rap and R&B/Soul. WUTZ-DB WUTZ HOOD Radio (WHR) features exclusive interviews with popular independent music artists, models, producers, industry executives, and entertainers; along with coverage of local events, such as Tech N9ne Hostile Takeover Tour (2012), Bone Thugs N' Harmony Concert (2012), and Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday Tour (2012). In the summer of 2012, following the success of its highly-rated station, WUTZ HOOD Network launched WUTZ HOOD Magazine. Due to its instant success, the magazine was re-designed to reflect its purpose - to expose new talent to the world. The magazine is now called WUTZ HOOD Magazine: XPOSED (WHMX). The "XPOSED" edition will published with a 10-page sectional within WUTZ HOOD Magazine's bi-monthly release, and feature the hottest talent in the game. In response to an overwhelming demand for digital content, WHM expanded its diverse outlets to include live video streaming under WUTZ HOOD TV (WHT). Additionally, it will add a music channel (OMG! Music) and a sister station (Radio Xpose) to its media roster. As of July 2012, WUTZ HOOD Network is excited to also expand its service to the educational and consulting sector under WUTZ HOOD U: Artists Get Developed and Upclose and Learning.

WUTZ HOOD Network is also planning the first annual music festival to take place October 19th, at the Arizona State Fair.

We are not trying to be the best, but to provide the best by delivering services and products that serve our core value and lead to expansion.  We are looking forward to our continued growth, with eagerness and anticipation. Thank you for joining us on the ride of a lifetime.