WVH Ethical Inc. is a global advisory firm focused on sustainable and ethical solutions with its principle offices being in London, Zurich & New York. WVH Ethical Inc. is an award winning investment firm established over one hundred and fifty years ago, back in 1859. Whilst the firms' primary strategies are centred around SRI and ESG investing, the firm also offers strategic advice on Value Investing, Event Driven Investing and Thematic Equity Investing. The firm boasts offices and resources in 103 countries worldwide with over $680 billion US Dollars under management. The firm's Chief Investment Officer is James Grosvenor, former non executive Director of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. WVH Ethical Inc. has a ten year ROI averaging at 26.6% per annum. The firm enjoys one best and well documented success records, in equity analysis and acquisition, in the world. Some of the world's largest private and institutional investors, seek and follow the firms' advice.

For further information please visit: www.wvhethical.com