Greenwich Asset Management Group, LLC

Helping institutions help more people through innovative portfolio management.

Greenwich Asset Management Group, LLC builds institutional equity portfolios by grading each stock and then equal weighting the entire portfolio, as opposed to a top heavy portfolio.  

GAMG, LLC actively directs a unique discretionary portfolio for clients who desire a portion of their capital in high quality growth stocks; companies, which our research tells us are the best growth companies on the market today.  

We are different because this program combines two disciplines of finding companies with extraordinary fundamentals while using technical timing analysis to buy or sell them.

The goal of our research is finding companies that are regularly creating true economic value and thus, shareholder value. Equal weighting gives all companies the same opportunity to contribute to overall account performance.

“This program is easy to understand, control and explain. We think the stocks of companies bought with this process will realize their true value over time”

* Peter Lundstedt is an equity portfolio strategist with 24 years of investment experience and is a veteran of 8 market cycles and the U.S. Army.   There is a constant emphasis on risk management and only those securities that survive our proprietary ranking system are given the opportunity to gain inclusion into client portfolios. Seeking consistancy in earnings growth is a fundamental core value of our firm.

The firms web site is www.gamgllc.com

Peter Lundstedt
Greenwich Asset Management Group, LLC
CEO, Equity Portfolio Strategist and Equity Portfolio Advisors
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