While we are told that a person is innocent until proven guilty, the reality of our criminal justice system suggests this is a difficult goal to achieve. Prosecutors and investigators simply do not have the resources or manpower to handle criminal investigations as portrayed in police dramas like "CSI," or "Law and Order." As a result, not every case is investigated thoroughly, not every alternative lead pursued and not every piece of evidence collected.

At the Austin, Texas, criminal defense law offices of Matthew Jones, we lessen the weight of a criminal investigation or charge for our clients by sharing the burden and shaping a strong and effective criminal defense. We regularly work with forensic and other experts, therapists, private investigators and other professionals to develop or uncover exculpatory evidence, examine alternative theories and explore mitigating factors.

Regardless of whether you have already been arrested or are currently under investigation, we have the resources and knowledge needed to represent your interests and protect your rights. To schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your case, contact criminal defense attorney Matthew Jones today.

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I have years of experience in Texas criminal law, and possess an in-depth knowledge of state criminal procedures.  When you are facing a matter of Texas state criminal law, whether it is a white collar crime, violent crime or property crime, you can place your trust and concerns in our hands. We work out comprehensive solutions that consider wide-ranging problems, working to minimize legal consequences, as well as the family, social and business consequences that often accompany a criminal charge.

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