wwWHYyy.com LLC is a small business offering numerous important internet speciality services. Located centrally in Denver, Colorado, we are offering our web working to small businesses everywhere!

Organically based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is perhaps our strongest feature, we have taken many websites to the very top of the major search engines time and time again. Rather than trying to pour in or sprinkle on SEO (it don’t work that way!), We build a business website on a solid foundation of SEO and build out the design from the needs of that SEO.

Throughout our services here at wwWHYyy.com LLC we never use templates, 3rd party services, freebie things from the net and the like. We start from scratch with a blank page and build up from there to get the look, feel and message of the brand at hand.

Custom Facebook Business Page “apps” Development is another strong speciality here! We can put the look and feel of your brand, as customized as your website (or better!) Into every app you have on Facebook! Get rid of those funky third party apps you’ve been trying to use and get the beautiful apps you’ve been dreaming of.

Since our apps are made from scratch with SEO in mind, our apps work with Facebook’s new algorithms, which talk with Google to show great affects on related search results! We can put both your business website AND your FB Biz page high up your business’s related search results allowing your to surpass your competition and sit on top of them.

Cool and crazy custom made QR codes! We can create very unique and colorful QR Codes incorporating your logo/artwork and color schemes as part of the code! We have some beautiful examples of our work at logoqrart.com

Mobile Landing Pages are a key part to business these days. We will make a custom QR Code go right go your custom Mobile Landing Page. Our Landing Pages work and fit nicely with all your modern smartphones using Android and iOS. We put the look and feel of your brand onto these Mobile Landing Pages and then can embed things into these pages, like a custom Google Map with you logo, or YouTube videos!

Why embed a YouTube video or custom Google Map into your Landing Page or any web page for that matter? Because then the viewer is not jumping away from your business! You are keeping them there at your site!

Print ads are becoming a thing of the past in many ways these days! The internet can tell so much more of your business’s story than any print ad can! Just what is the lifetime for most print ads anyway? A well done web “ad” can last nearly forever! Start turning your print ads into ads that can live forever on the net, spend less more and see a real ROI!

Let us show you how to get the exposure and additional patronage your business deserves.