We are a group of people inspired by a brave little man, Wyatt.  Wyatt was born April 27th, 2007 with several very severe and rare Congenital Heart Defects.   He fought for his life through 5 open heart surgeries, 3 cardiac catheterizations, a tracheotomy, was entirely tube fed, and had a room lightening smile through it all, until May 16th, 2009, when he lost his hard fought battle.
Through Wyatt we learned so much.  We had heard of heart problems, but had no idea how prominent they were. Here are some facts.
Congenital Heart Defects (CHD's) are the #1 birth defect and the #1 cause of death from a birth defect, WORLDWIDE.
1 in 70 Canadian newborns will be born with 1 of the 35 known types.  1 in 100 worldwide.  In some areas of Ontario, the numbers are as high as 1 in 50.
CHD's kill twice as many children every single year as ALL childhood cancers combined, yet they have no public funding or awareness campaigns.
1 in 800 newborns will have Down Syndrome, and we have mandatory prenatal screening for Downs.  We do not do prenatal screening for CHD's unless there has been a family history.  This early detection would vastly improve outcomes for these children, as many times it takes something drastic to happen before the problem is known.
Simple fetal echocardiograms, newborn pulse ox and echos would all help save lives, and are completely non invasive.
There is NO CURE
We have had the chance to meet and get to know several "heart families" over the last few years, and have learned so much.  We have seen far too many beautiful children become angels, but we have also seen some absolute miracle children, who continue their fights daily, with beautiful smiles and amazing spirits.
We hold several events yearly.... a Gala, Golf Tournament and a Walkathon, in order to raise money and awareness for CHD's.  The money we raise goes to the Cardiac Critical Care Unit at SickKids Hospital, in Toronto, towards programs and research for CHD's, through the Wyatt's Warriors Memorial Fund.  
We are always trying to expand the people we reach, we would like to get more people and businesses involved in the events, and in donating to the events whether it be monetary, or something for our auctions in order to raise money.
We are in the process of becoming a Foundation, and more info will follow on that.