Who is X10.com?
30+ years in business, online since 1996!

In 1974, the roots of X10 sprang from a little engineering company in Scotland called Pico Electronics, Ltd. Pico is now part of X10 Ltd. X10 was a founding member of the Home Automation and Networking Association and is widely regarded as the founder of the home automation industry. The first X10 products were introduced in 1978. Over the years X10 has developed and manufactured Home Automation products for GE, RCA, IBM, Philips, Magnavox, Gemini, Leviton, Radio Shack, ATI, Black & Decker, and other big name consumer electronics companies. X10 is regarded as the de facto standard in home automation.

In 1978, X10 was introduced to the American public, Radio Shack being the first customer. Sears, Roebuck soon became our second customer. Right from the beginning we intended that X10 products would be produced at low cost and in high volume to give the consumer the lowest price possible.

In 1988, X10 started manufacturing universal remotes for Universal Electronics, Inc. (UEI) under the One-For-All brand. We expanded this business to the point where we were manufacturing 1 million remotes a month. We now make remotes for many original equipment manufacturers and have the best infrared (IR) code library in the business. X10 are now one of the largest manufacturers of universal remotes in the world.

In 1989, we introduced the world’s first low-cost self-installed wireless security system, the SS5400. It was a breakthrough product for its time and there’s still nothing that compares to it for price-performance.

In 1995, we set up ORCA Monitoring Services in Seattle, Washington to handle the monitoring of our own security systems as well as those we sell to Radio Shack and others.

On December 28, 1996, we began selling on the Web at www.X10.com

Today we are a leader in Wireless IP Cameras, Home Automation, Voice-Dialer Home Security and Video Sendering Technologies.