X23 is an European independent, multidisciplinary, private Research body founded in Italy. We catalyse pioneering projects all over EU and globally and commit to launch into real world. Born from the merger of Xóôlab and The23, X23 is providing independent analysis and support in R&D, Grow, Scale-up services.

R&D: We bridged the gap in the value chain connecting R&D to industry. We are cooperating with the most ranked universities and Innovation and Research bodies in Europe and beyond, linking the most advanced technology to the industry needs. And supporting industries (micro, start-ups, scale-ups, SME, large) in bridging the gap in the development roadmap of disruptive products to be launched onto the market. We facilitate Technology Transfer with the most specialized technical skills in an “Open Innovation” perspective. Our R&D programme supports young and radical ideas to root and to bootstrap.

Growth: We provide innovation support services to enterprises in a very transnational dimension, and on different topics ranging from ICT to Manufacturing, Health, Agri-tech, Space, Digital Tourism, etc. Our background experience, long track-record methodology are driven by a collaborative innovation cross-dialog criteria, adaptivity, predictivity, chaos engineering, systemic design and resilience. Entering our Growth programme will increase you competitiveness and prepare you to disrupt the market.

Scale-up: We have provided so far superior tools assisted by performative computational systems and non-linear transactions and triggered the scale-up capacity to mature several innovative assets. Whether in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Smart Manufacturing, in Europe, US, Canada, Asia, or in the Mediterranean regions, X23 is committed for scaling-up your business at the due speed together with a remarkable network of key-partners. X23's Scale programme is delivered in the new EXÓÔ23|Radical™ space - https://x-23.org/exoo23.