xCoinMoney.com is a Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dollars online wallet that allows you to securely transfer, use, and accepts bitcoin, litecoin and dollars currency.

xCoinMoney.com operates two (2) kind of account, personal account and business account. We have a very low transaction fee https://www.xcoinmoney.com/info/pricing for both business account and personal accounts. Our service is anonymous and much secured.

You can also learn more about xCoinMoney https://www.xcoinmoney.com/info/about


+ Callback notification to Tor sites.
+ xCoinMoney have a domain inside Tor sites.
+ Bitcoins , Litecoins and dollars are supported.
+ 100% Anonymous payment.
+ Personal and Business accounts are supported.
+ Advanced API.
+ Transfer and receive payments.
+ Sending and paying invoices.
+ Can create bitcoin, litecoin and dollars subscription.
+ Callback notification.