xElle Ventures is an early stage Angel Network for women founders by women founders, executives and investors.

Our Mission is to invest in the ideas, products and services of women in North Carolina.

We are a collective made up entirely of women.  Our mission is to discover and fund North Carolina’s most promising women business leaders and mentor them as they create successful companies while building a thriving women founder-investor ecosystem in the state.  We aspire to become one of the most active venture networks backing female entrepreneurs in North Carolina.

xElle’s charter network is located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina with established female founders, investors and executives across several industries and disciplines.

Our model, which we call 3M; includes Mentoring, Marketing & Money

Mentoring – xElle’s team has experience across a myriad of industries and disciplines and will support our portfolio via mentoring in commercial business development, unique to the companies needs.

Marketing – xElle’s team has been in the trenches and will counsel our portfolio companies on best practices in addressing their specific market opportunity.  We tell founders what works and provide them with the connections they need for high impact commercial execution.

Money – xElle Ventures offers new ways of financing to our potential portfolio via various debt strategies that will not necessarily touch the capital chart of the organization.

xElle Ventures seeks not only to invest in female founders, but to build a growing and educated community of female investors to bring more wealth into the hands of women on both sides of the table.

The glass ceiling has shattered.  It’s time to change the narrative… It’s time to rise.