Music Publishing and Production.

Double Infinity is currently working on a new album for 2013 called Cosmic Glue by veteran musician David Ireland.  Drawing together new songs and some re-worked tracks from 1977, Cosmic Glue promises to be a special album.

'To work with current musicians and my younger self is an amazing experience. We are treating the tracks from both eras with the same amount of care and attention and I think the listener will be hard pushed to tell the recordings apart.

David is working once more with local musicians, including cellist Stephan Marlot, harmonica player Rufus Fry plus the guys from Red River Blues.

A well-known figure on the Dutch music scene in the 70s and 80s, David worked with artists as diverse as B.B. KIng, Aswad, Yes, Sparks, Sonja Kristina, Kayak, Leonie Janssen, Frans Ehlhart, Herman Van Veen, Boudewijn de Groot and many others.