xbullion represents direct ownership of physical gold bullion, recorded via serial number, while also providing insurance, audits, global liquidity and effortless transferability.  
It's an ideal mechanism to trade securely in physical bullion.
By managing a best in class insured gold storage solution through a secure blockchain, xbullion is able to provide direct wholesale pricing without charging custody fees.
xbullion is able to be transferred peer to peer or traded on various exchanges around the world. Token holders have complete freedom around where, when, and how their allocated gold bullion is transferred on a network that is available 24/7/365.
xbullion makes buying gold easy
One of the biggest issues with investing in gold is that the commodity is not a liquid asset.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that invest in gold were introduced in 2003 as a way for investors to access the gold spot market in an equity form.

Gold-backed ETFs gave the commodity an element of liquidity.

xbullion takes this concept one step further by allowing owners to sell their gold anywhere in the world or redeem in 1kg increments through a globally insured delivery network.

We provide a mechanism to hold gold, rather than a derivative of gold, with greater levels of liquidity.

All gold bullion located in our vaults is insured in the event of theft, damage, or fire, offering clients absolute financial security around their holdings. All gold in the vaults is insured by a leading underwriter.

Our network of vaults adheres to the highest security industry standards and international best practices.

xbullion's vaults are geographically dispersed to provide additional assurance, logistical efficiencies and increased capacity to meet jurisdictional and political risks. Gold is vaulted in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia.

Blockchain technology is a secure system which creates an immutable record of ownership. Each xbullion token represents one gram of gold bullion held in state of the art and fully insured vaulting facilities.

xbullion is capable of assigning gold bar serial numbers to the tokens on the blockchain. Leading accounting firm BDO performs regular comprehensive audits of the underlying gold bullion. Audit reports are made available.