Media Production / Writer / Artist / Music Producer

Xeno Giraffe began in 1981 as a Multi-media Fine Arts Project at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston by then art student, Jeff Thompson, who was already a seasoned underground radio and dance DJ for 5 years earlier while studying Science and English Literature at Tennessee Technological University, close to Nashville. In the mid 1970s, he worked with analog synthesis, and with analog tape in radio show production and jingles, and developed a a fascination with the growing ambient, sound FX, avante garde, and experimental music movements at that time. Childhood piano and banjo lessons, and 60s TV shows like Ed Sullivan and American Bandstand led to a love of pop music. From Abba to Zappa, from The Ventures to Metallica, humor and pop culture musical references purcolate under the surface of his current work, which gives a tongue-in-cheek double-meaning to Dinosaur UFOs.

In 2003, twenty years later, some of the music from the original Xeno Giraffe Project was reformulated and published online.

Inspired by the reception, Jeff's continuing interest in fractals led to musical experiments with mathematically generated music using fractals under 21st World Future Music.

In 2011, Dinosaur UFOs musical odyssey began as an attempt to experiment with complex emotional motifs and dramatic story line, as a demonstration reel for a radio production for the American Pangea Radio Show

The saga revolves around what alien dinosaurs in a flying saucer( who observe as a consequence of spying from a cloud over the sinister bubble planet of Gron Xur ) do when they find two time lines in a sentient data recorder, a little sci-fi homage to the whimsy of writer Douglas Adams - A musical imaginary journey of epic scope ensues on a sonic-hipnotic, Alice-in-Wonderland adventure with time travel, planetary space travel, and alternate dimensions.

In 2012, "Eons Ago" was released in May.  A 13 composition collection that tells another imaginary tale. This one is about a beam of light that hits( did I mention that it is a first person science fiction story that is a prequel to Dinosaur UFOs? ) - 'Xeno Giraffe' in the head , instantly imparting knowledge about the beginnings of the Universe - "eons ago." And that some entity from beyond the Universe was on a retrieval mission to get that information was also imprinted into my memory. Musical terror ensues.

An early pioneer of original independant underground and experimental music, he continues developing music - now releasing new music under Xeno Giraffe - in memory of his very first artistic, public, multi-media, musical work at Art School. Throw in a current exploration of the splendor of bass in music composition, and Dinosaur UFOs might be considered a high fidelity, deep bass sonic masterpiece.

Seven digital singles were released in February of 2013.  These digital singles were also released with 3 other songs recorded in 2012 for the 3rd CD of the previous years EONS AGO album which was released over the 4th of July holiday 2013 for the first time in Compact Disc Format..

The seven new songs released are "Beam Me Up", "Time Warriors", "Biosphere", "Eden Zone Landing", "Delta Quadrant",  "Galaxy Cluster 01", and "With My Night Sphere Chiller Helmut On".

Music mastering is done at his Atlanta, Georgia recording studio - Panthalassa Studios, and production is from American Pangea and 21st World.