Xenoss is a NY-based software development house solving complex big data, AI and high-load problems.

For 15+ years, we’ve been developing high-load data-centric solutions from scratch for our clients, building dedicated R&D centers, and assisting client in-house tech teams with improving existing solutions.

Our clients are leading SaaS companies, world-known enterprises, and aggressively growing startups. The software we've delivered is now the tech basis of multi-billion businesses and is being used by Nestlé, Adidas, Virgin, Uber, HSBC.

Our services

•          Building dedicated development centers
•          Massively multi-user software development
•          Big data solutions
•          Cloud migration
•          Infrastructure cost optimization
•          Technology consulting
•          Martech Development Center
(Experienced MarTech-specialized engineers helping deliver solutions specifically for companies in the MarTech, AdTech, and Media sectors) 

Why partner with Xenoss

* 15 years of building data-centric solutions that process dozens of petabytes per month at a reasonable cost
* 100% of our clients recommend us
* Average solution uptime is 99.4%
* Our solutions are used by industry giants such as Nestlé, Adidas, Samsung, Uber
* Industry-recognized as Digital Transformation Leader by top media
* Small efficient ultra-senior teams
* A proprietary library of read-to-use code components helping drastically reduce development time
* We ensure that your solution has lower operational costs than market alternatives
* We work with all cloud services (Google Cloud, AWS, Azure)

Contact us
+1 646 844 1939
+44 7470 934 033