There are tens of collaborative communication platform there available now. But Xloon uses its uniqueness to welcome users' test. 1. Xloon is all-in-one suite. It doesn't request users to download or install third party application for use, it is one download and install for getting all functions. 2. Xloon is easy understanding for new users. It uses tab to represent each function. Each function is self-described by tab name. This is brief description about Xloon:

Xloon is a new real-time collaborative platform of remote communication. It is an all-in-one full functional suite with one download and installation. Through Xloon, you can connect to people anytime everywhere from your location to make pleasant communication or complete time critical or mission critical tasks.

Xloon is for any person who has a PC and internet connection and wants to expose to a world where there are his or her remote family members, friends, class mates, colleagues, business partners, or someones he/she wants to connect or communicate for personal or business purposes.​

You can't miss the fantastic real-time collaborative communication experience through Xloon.

One download and installation, you have all functions in a suite. It is your selections to share document editing, sketch drawing, videos, presentations, pictures and images, voice talking, chats, etc.    

The use of Xloon is as simple as dropping items into the shopping cart. For quick start, Xloon has instruction on www.xloon.com/document.