The xpir.ru team has created a convenient search system which collect all information about state and open competitions in one place so that scientists will spend less time for searching funding. Contests are presented in a map on one screen and that makes it clear and easy for perception.
There are 1180 sources of information which are grouped by organization and types: grants and subsidies, orders, awards, investment, infrastructure and education. The system is free and open for use.
Sergey Shashev, the lead of xpir.ru:
«We were surprised when we learned that half of all working time scientists spend on searching for funding. We created an aggregator of competitions aimed at supporting science and technology projects to make lives of scientists a little easier. The system monitors and publishes the support of almost all Russian funding sourses. That means that scientists don’t need to look for support on different sites or to use search systems».

All grants and competitions on XPIR: https://xpir.ru/finsupports#/map

Ellina Reshetnikova,