The XTAG Intelligence Solution provides Patient and Asset, safety and security solutions to the medical sector. XTAG a simple to install, RFID enabled (wireless system), easily adapted to multiple environments. Controlled and monitored from a central administration area, XTAG Analytics provide moment by moment alerts and reports.

Our specialty is with Mother & Baby Monitoring, ‘At Risk’ patients (Dementia, Alzheimer’s, head injuries), Asset Protection, Nurse Call.

We recognise the demands of a busy maternity ward, and the responsibilities of protecting precious new-borns. The XTAG Intelligence Solution gives absolute peace of mind, tracking baby, or mother and baby, 24/7. We also have solutions for Paediatric wards, allowing you to create a comfortable and relaxed, yet safe and secure ward environment.

Our ‘At Risk’ Patient solution has been designed to give respectful yet secure monitoring for those affected by Dementia or Alzheimer’s, or brain related surgeries.

Add further value to Patient safety by employing the ‘Nurse Call’ solution; an ‘Alarm Call’ button is integrated into the strap enabling the Patient to call for immediate assistance, wherever their location.

If you are committed to managing the security of valuable equipment and assets, the Asset Management Solution allows you to easily locate equipment and avoid the risk of loss or theft. This solution connects the Asset Tag and the ward’s Central Control Panel. It identifies key security threats such as tag tampering or removal, and movement of equipment to unauthorised areas.

UK and Europe:
E: sales@xtag.co.uk
T: 0845 230 4140

Middle East and Asia
E: sales@xtagdubai.com
T : +971 56 891 7099