XT Consultancy was established to provide teaching and customised business services and solutions by promoting mutual progress and development. The modern world requires effective communication in English, where deals can be brokered and ideas exchanged with the correct use of English words and grammar.
XT Consultancy provides a full range of language solutions and web services for businesses and individuals drawing on extensive practical experience and the latest developments in pedagogy.
XTC’s specialised services, combined with extensive experience and expertise in every aspect of the modern business environment, enable and empower you to adapt to and overcome any obstacles in communicating, reading or writing.
XT Consultancy is perfectly poised to assist and assess you and your situation and help you improve. XTC was specifically set up to enable our customers to best optimise their situation by implementing English teaching derived from cutting-edge theory and drawing on extensive semantic research and practical experience.
XT Consultancy specialises in multiple intelligence communication training — task-targeted language training — designed by our English teaching specialists to optimise students’ potential through our unique client-specific modular curriculum studies.
XT Consultancy are able adapt class tasks and activities to your preferences; combining communicative learning and related activities, grammar, and vocabulary with real language use. We can support your language development by following our Client-specific modular curriculum and focusing on Task Targeted Language.
Initial consultation enables us to comprehensively understand our customers’ requirements, thus we can develop sympathetic frameworks.
In the study of second language acquisition (SAL) there are several areas of significant importance regarding their effect. One of the most commonly overlooked (generally for economic reasons) ,by curriculum designers and institutions alike, is the relevance of the language to the purpose of study and environment of eventual use. Often courses are offered as “X” hours for “X”$; not focusing on progression, only transition.
Giving students the opportunity to interact with the teacher and with each other, planning instruction to include tasks that promote these opportunities, and teaching language forms and vocabulary in the context of meaningful learning activities are all ways in which second language acquisition research is applied in the classroom (Moss, Ross-Feldman). Simply “Do the students know, or need to know about the area of study?” If not then why bother studying, or even teaching.
Task-based teaching provides learners with opportunities for learner-to-learner interactions that encourage authentic use of language and meaningful communication. The goal of a task is to “exchange meaning rather than to learn the second language” (Ellis, 1999, p. 113). By incorporating Task Targeted Language into each clients’ Client-specific modular curriculum through on-going consultancy, XT are able to tailor every course to each client’s requirements in order to maximize efficiency.
In a focus on form approach to language teaching, rather than grammar being taught in isolation, learners’ attention is drawn to grammatical forms in the context of meaningful activities, and the teacher’s attention to form is triggered by learners’ problems with comprehension or production (Long, 2000).This is how XT Consultancy is able to provide such high quality, effective and price-competitive services.
The full extent of the massive opportunities afforded by the internet market are as yet, unknown, but all agree that there is money to be made if only they knew how. The search engine race is still on despite recent ruling regarding rigged ratings and even more dubious rank propagation and link in- systems.
One aspect of that many have overlooked is the importance of correct language. English is the predominant language of the web with 27% of all internet users. The English language has 42%* internet penetration, (536.6M English language users 2010* alone; almost 100M more potential customers than the second most prolific language – Chinese). Many companies believe their website is complete enough to provide their potential clients with enough information regarding their particular products and services, so they write their own advertisement and promotional copy.
At XT Consultancy we offer guidance and support regarding the implementation of websites and SEO, including proofreading and copy writing. In addition XT Consultancy can provide guidance and training in the use of social media for promotional purposes, helping you make a lasting prosperous impression.