About Xterprise: Xterprise was founded in 2002 by Dean Frew and was acquired by SML Group in 2013.  The company offers item-level RFID solutions with a focus on brand owners and specialty retailers.  Built on top of the Clarity™ software platform, Xterprise applications have been deployed in big box retailers, specialty retailers and brand owners across hundreds of sites, utilizing thousands of RFID readers and managing hundreds of millions of RFID mission critical inventory transactions every month. Xterprise features two main software products, Clarity Inventory™ and ARS™ (Advanced Retail System); both are item-level RFID inventory control and management execution solutions designed for use within the retail store.  Clarity Inventory™ also has a full suite of supply chain applications to support manufacturing and distribution operations.  

Xterprise is based out of Carrollton, TX.  The company can be reached via its website at http://www.xterprise.com or by email at info@xterprise.com.